Yamaha C2 Grand pianos for sale - Review and information

Here is a video of our 2006 Yamaha C2 grand piano

Our 2006 Yamaha C2 has now been sold but please stay on this webpage because I’m now going to show some information that will help you decide if the Yamaha C2 is really the best option for you.

I thought some more recordings of 2002 Yamaha C2 pianos would be helpful for you so here is a video of one being sold by Living Pianos.

And here is a Yamaha C2 made in 2007 being played by Rick Jones. I’ve always enjoyed Rick’s videos so I hope you’ll enjoy this one too.

Online Reviews of the Yamaha C2

Here are a couple of comments found online of pianists and piano tuners sharing their thoughts on the Yamaha C2.

It is a great piano because Yamaha is so popular, and if you can play a C2, you can play anything – source: pianostreet.com

And also:

The C2 was introduced in 1995 when most of the G series grands were dropped. C2 grands are warmer and mellower than the G2 units. However, with careful voicing, even some of the older G2s that have developed the trademark harsh and brittle sound with age can be made to sound quite nice (I know; I had it done on mine.) I liked the tone and touch on the C2s I tried, although the bass is just a tad thin sounding below the bass bridge break. Intelligent scale design largely covers up for this, however. The C2 shares the same action assembly as the C3. – source: Ed Ting

A brand new Yamaha C2 has an RRP of around £18,000 but with enough haggling you can get them for around £15,500.

Tone Description
If you’ve ever heard anyone say that Yamaha pianos are too bright they need to pop in and play this piano. It has a very rich, smooth, sweet tone. Not harsh or overly bright at all. I don’t want to overstate things but I’m very very pleased with the quality of tone of this piano and I feel quite lucky to be stocking it. I have no hesitation in fully recommending it to any player of any standard. It will knock your socks off.

The same can be said of the keys & action which were very comfortable to play. Not too light and not to heavy.

Length: 5ft 8in
Width: 5ft approx (please ask me for specific measurement)

Thanks for your interest