Yamaha P121SH2 upright piano

The Yamaha P121SH2 is the tallest piano in the P series, the SC2 means that it has the ‘silent’ option included. It’s an nice piano but there are better options out there. If you have any technical info or corrections for this article, please email mgpianos@gmail.com.

The pros of buying a Yamaha P121SH2

  • The Yamaha P121 is the largest of the P models, at 121cm. It is a similar size to the Yamaha U1, which is an amazing piano, with a fantastic touch and a great sound.
  • It has a ‘silent’ option fitted, meaning that headphones can be used. There are other models that also have this fitted.

What are the cons of buying a Yamaha P121SH2?

  • You may eventually want to upgrade to a top range model that will see you through the upper grades and beyond. Why not save yourself the expensive process of upgrading later by getting a top range model now?

When was it produced?

The Yamaha P121SH2 was manufactured in 2009 and is still being made today.

Where was it made?

All the P series pianos are manufactured in Yamaha’s factory in Indonesia, here they are able to keep production prices low. Yamaha’s best pianos come from their Hamamatsu factory in Japan, including the coveted U-series uprights and their best grand pianos, like the concert grade CFX, which retails at around £140k!



Don’t just take my word for it, here is a quote I found on Piano World from someone who was trying to decide between a P121 and a piano from the U-series and after careful consideration they said…

“Thanks everyone for your help. I went out at the weekend and bought a…Yamaha U3! There are lots of lovely pianos out there, to be sure, but I really wanted something with a silent system (so my poor wife doesn’t have to suffer too much!) and the Yams are outstanding in this respect. The U3 very nice indeed acoustically too…”

Who should buy them?

If you really want a new piano and are set on the P-series, the P121 is the best out of the range, however, for a similar budget you could get a great reconditioned Yamaha U3 or a similar concert level piano that will last last a lifetime.

Will I need to upgrade at some point?

This piano is nice, but you may well want to upgrade to something that will definitely see you through your grades and accomplished players may soon want something with a better quality of sound, why not start out with a top-range piano now and save yourself the expensive process of upgrading later.


Height:  151cm
Width:    154cm
Depth:    62cm

New and used prices.

A Yamaha P121 will cost around £8000 new, and as a newer model, they are hard to find in a used condition. You can get a really showroom condition used U3 for around £5000!

Alternative models to consider similar to this.

An alternative model to the Yamaha P121SH2 is the U3, which is a much better option for those who want a concert level piano that will never need to be upgraded. If size is an issue, you could also consider the U1, similar in size to the P121SH2, but from Yamaha’s best factory in Japan.


This is a nice mid-range piano, but why not do better than nice? You would be really missing an opportunity if you didn’t at least consider a piano from the U-series against the P121.

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