Yamaha U300 upright piano review and specification

The sometimes-elusive Yamaha U300! Is it any good? Worth buying or best avoided? You may have heard about the Yamaha U300 but haven’t had the chance to play one. I’m lucky to have stocked this model dozens of times and want to share my thoughts, findings, and whether it’s the right piano for you. If you have any technical info or corrections for this article, please email mgpianos@gmail.com.

Is the Yamaha U300 any good?

The Yamaha U300 is not merely good, it’s great. As we know, taller pianos sound better than shorter pianos. The U300 has a cabinet height of 131cm, giving plenty of room for those long bass strings, which helps generate that rich sound. Because of this, they are often better sounding than small grand pianos.

The U300 is of such a high quality that you won’t ever need an upgrade. So, even though a reconditioned U300 is one of our more expensive pianos, you are getting great value for money because it will last a lifetime.

Yamaha U300 manufacture location

The U300 was built in Japan between 1994 and 1996. This means you are getting top quality craftsmanship from the home of Yamaha, their Hamamatsu factory. The brief window of production means that the U300 is relatively rare, and when we get one in stock, they always get snapped up very quickly.

What other models are similar to the U300?

The Yamaha U30A, U30BL, and the UX are all similar models. The differences are minor, and they all sound fantastic as they are all upgraded, premium models.

Yamaha U300 videos

Let your ears be the judge and check out some videos I have made using some of the U300 pianos we have had in stock in recent years.

Here is another “Yamaha U300 video” of ours on Vimeo

U300 Opinions from elsewhere

Pianotek, a piano shop from NYC says:

“Essentially, it’s a U3 on steroids with a super-big sounding bass” […] it’s just one of the best uprights in the world.”

If you own a U300 and would like your comments listing on this page, please email your thoughts to us at mgpianos@gmail.com


Width: 153cm
Height: 131cm (full height piano, great bass sound)
Depth: 65cm

Who should buy a Yamaha U300?

Everyone from ambitious students (grade 8+) through to established musicians. If you never want to upgrade your piano, the U300 is a safe choice for any setting where quality cannot be compromised.

Who doesn’t buy them?

Beginners and early learners tend to opt for other U models, such as U1, which are slightly cheaper. A U300 is a full-sized upright piano and may look imposing in some rooms, in which case, a U1 may be a better choice.

New and used prices

Used prices of the U300 are always rising as demand within the trade for this model is fierce. We can’t tell you the brand new RRP as this model is discontinued but we do know that it was listed approximately 30% higher than the standard Yamaha U3.

Looking to buy?

The Yamaha U300 is scarce, and as soon as we get one in, it will go straight on our stock list. Check our pianos for sale page and sign-up to our email newsletter, and we’ll let you know when one arrives.


Overall, my advice would be that a U300 is ideal for accomplished or ambitious piano players. Everything you could want in a piano – tonal range, depth of sound, projection – is here. Yes, it might be slightly more expensive than other similar models, but you are getting a quality instrument that will last several generations. Highly recommended, you won’t regret it!

If I’ve missed anything, or if you have any questions at all, please drop me a line at markgoodwinpianos@gmail.com

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