Yamaha U30BL upright piano review and specification

I’ve had dozens of Yamaha U30BL pianos in stock over the years, so I’m well qualified to give a little bit of information about them. If you have any technical info or corrections for this article, please email mgpianos@gmail.com.

Yamaha U30BL overview

The U30BL is an outstanding piano. It never fails to impress us and is easily one of the most consistently high-quality Yamaha pianos available. Physically, the U30BL looks very similar to the Yamaha U3, with only minor differences to the cabinet design. Musically, the Yamaha U30BL is a step up from the Yamaha U3

Yamaha U30BL cabinet design

Here are some photos to help you see the subtle cabinet design differences between the U30BL and the U3

Here is the U30BL. Notice there is no lock and the side arms are shaped slightly differently.

And here is the U3. Notice it has a lock and slightly wider, flatter pedals

Here is a closer look at the U30BL pedals

And the U3 pedals

Is the U30BL a full-sized piano?

The U30BL is a full-sized upright piano at 131cm tall. This means that it can accommodate a long string-length and soundboard which helps give a rich, deep tone, and is certainly not bright, as many smaller Yamahas can be. Top tip: to avoid overly bright pianos, try to stick to pianos that are at least 130cm tall.

Yamaha U30BL manufacture history

The U30BL belongs to the first-rate line of Yamaha pianos. The “U” means that it was made in Yamaha’s premier factory in Hamamatsu, Japan—the same factory where they make their concert grand piano, the CFIIIS, which retails for £140k! The U30BL was produced as an improved version of the U3.

The Yamaha U30BL was in production for 2 or 3 years around the late 1980s.

Yamaha U30BL video

So how does it sound? Here is a video recording of a U30BL that we had in stock recently.

You can see more of our previously stocked Yamaha U30BL pianos here, here, here, here, here, and here


Width: 153cm
Height: 131cm
Depth: 64cm

Yamaha U30BL New and used prices

The U30BL is no longer in production but when new it had an RRP 30% higher than the U3. We price this model higher than the Yamaha U3 to reflect the scarcity, the high demand, and the highly consistent quality of this model.

Who buys them?

The Yamaha U30BL is suitable for ambitious students of all ages and will take them through to grade 8+ with no need to ever upgrade. Their quality and longevity makes them a popular choice with more experienced musicians, too. It’s often a choice for those who want a top quality touch and tone but can’t quite squeeze a grand piano into their living room.

Who shouldn’t buy them?

If space is tight, the smaller U1 may be a better choice. If customers have a larger space – and a bigger budget – then they may go for a grand piano. The U30BL has a little brother, the Yamaha U10BL and we’ve stocked plenty of those, too, and they are of equally high quality.

Alternative models to consider

Any of the top-end U series pianos are worth considering, particularly the U3, U30A, U30BL, and UX – they all come from Japan, all have a case height of 131cm, and therefore produce that lovely deep sound.

Not to be confused with

The U30BL is not to be confused with the cheaper B or P series. These models are not made in Japan, have a short string length, and can sound too bright by comparison.


Overall, you should think of the U30BL as being very similar to a U3, but with a higher grade of components made for the slightly more demanding pianist in mind. Go for it, you definitely will not regret it!

Looking to buy?

The Yamaha U30BL is not very easy to find but we do still manage to stock them relatively often. As soon as they come in, they go on our stock list. Sign up to our e-newsletter, and we’ll let you know when one arrives.


If I’ve missed anything, or if you have any questions at all, please drop me a line at markgoodwinpianos@gmail.com.

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