Yamaha UX Upright Piano

The Yamaha UX has been discontinued but the similar Yamaha U3 lives on (see our stocklist for availability). It had a different soundboard design than the rest of the U-Series and a slightly different case design just above the keyboard.

Some folk claimed that the X-shaped soundboard frame improved the sound but I’ve played dozens of Yamaha UX pianos and hundreds of Yamaha U3 pianos and have never noticed the X-shaped soundboard making any difference to the sound. The Yamaha UX is certainly a very high quality piano and a good Yamaha UX will sound as good as a Yamaha U3. The X on the back certainly does no harm to the sound but I’m just not convinced it improves anything either.

If the X-shaped soundboard resulted in a better sound you might have expected Yamaha to roll that design out to all of their brand new, high-end pianos but 3 decades on and their professional grade U1 and U3 upright pianos still have the traditional design with vertical posts.

Sometimes one has to try and look beyond the manufacturer’s own descriptions and just get out there, play as many pianos as possible and form your own opinions. You’ll see that a high quality piano speaks for itself instantly with no need for any explanation from a salesperson or brochure. Even a grade 1 student is capable of choosing the right piano for themselves. Just go for the one which feels comfortable under the fingers and has a sound that makes you say “wow”.

Yamaha UX dimensions*

Height 50in / 127cm
Width 60.5in / 153.5cm
Depth 25.5in / 65cm

*accurate to within a very close margin. Cannot guarantee the above figures but that is what I got when I measured this model myself.

Yamaha UX Available Colours/Finishes

The most commonly available colour available on the 2nd hand market is Black Polyester. A non-black 2nd hand Yamaha UX is a very rare thing and if that is what you require you could be in for a very long search. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like me to try and find one for you.

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Updated: 8 May 2015