Yamaha UX300 upright piano review and information

The Yamaha UX300 is a very rare piano of the very VERY highest quality. It may have a higher price tag than almost all other Yamaha pianos, but this reflects how awesome it is. If you have any technical info or corrections for this article, please email mgpianos@gmail.com.

The pros & cons of the Yamaha UX300


  • The Yamaha UX300 is part of Yamaha’s X series. Yamaha claims that the X frame on the back makes the piano more structurally stable than those without.
  • The Yamaha UX300 is made from higher quality materials than those in the standard U range.
  • The Yamaha UX300 has longer bass strings than the standard U range, which helps it generate a rich tone.
  • The Yamaha UX300 is 131cm tall, and taller is better when it comes to pianos.
  • The Yamaha UX300 is vented at the front, allowing more sound to escape.
  • The Yamaha UX300 will last a lifetime; so, although it is higher priced, there will be no need to ever upgrade.


  • The Yamaha UX300 has a very short production window so is very difficult to find.
  • It’s very expensive (but this is really a good thing)

When was it produced?

The Yamaha UX300 was only produced between 1994 and 1997.  Very few were made so don’t rely on your chances of ever finding one for sale.

Where was it made?

The Yamaha UX300 comes from Yamaha’s best factory in Hamamatsu, Japan. Yamaha makes all of its professional-grade pianos at this factory, including its concert grand, the CFX, which sells for £140k.

What differences between similarly named models?

It’s different from the U3 because of the X-frame mentioned before. Also, the quality of materials used in the X models tends to be higher than the standard models. They have longer bass strings than the standard models too, allowing the pianos to generate a rich, high-quality tone, and they have vents in the front panel which can produce a more direct sound.

Yamaha UX300 videos

Sadly, we’ve never had a UX300 in stock so we can’t show you one of ours but here is one we found on Youtube:


Don’t just take my word for it…

Lyra Piano Shop (Australia) says the UX300 is a “Top-of-the-line performance quality piano.”

Music Junction says that the UX300 is a “top model of the Yamaha Professional model, very rare in the market.”

Who should buy them?

The Yamaha UX300 is perfect for anyone, from ambitious students working through their grades, to concert musicians in need of the best possibly piano.  If you want a piano that you’ll never have to replace, this is the one for you.

Will I need to upgrade at some point?

Nope – the next step would be a medium to large grand piano.


Height: 131cm
Width: 153cm
Depth: 64cm

New and used prices

We don’t know how much these were when brand new back in the 1990s but they would have been priced at least 30% higher than a new Yamaha U3 at the time. You should expect to pay over £6000 second hand from a piano shop.

Alternative models to consider similar to this

The Yamaha U3 is a good alternative to the UX300 as it is still a premium piano but will cost around £1000 less than the UX300. If you need something smaller and cheaper but the same quality you should consider the Yamaha UX100 which is the same piano but scaled down in size and, sadly, just as rare. For a smaller, cheaper, top quality Yamaha piano, the U1 is your obvious choice. There are loads of them and they are a very very reliable piano.


If you come across a Yamaha UX300 and have the budget, you should snap it up. Don’t delay, snap it up right now! If I see one for sale anywhere I’ll be trying to snap it up too.

Looking to buy?

To check if we have a UX300 in stock (not likely, sorry!) please visit our pianos for sale page.

I hope this summary was helpful to you, and as always your feedback, thoughts and questions are welcomed, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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