Yamaha UX30A upright piano review and information

The Yamaha UX30A is a highly sought after piano from Japan. It is a high-quality instrument that will last a lifetime. If you have any technical info or corrections for this article, please email mgpianos@gmail.com.

The pros of buying a Yamaha UX30A

  • The Yamaha UX30 is part of Yamaha’s X series. These pianos are made with an X shaped frame at the back, making them a more stable instrument.
  • It is made from high quality materials.
  • It has longer bass strings than the standard U range, which helps it generate a rich tone.
  • The Yamaha UX30A is 131cm tall, and taller is better when it comes to pianos.
  • It is a great piano for those who want a piano with a full rich sound.
  • It is better than most small grand pianos.

What are the cons of buying a UX30A?

  • It is large and will need plenty of space.
  • The quality of the Yamaha UX30A is reflected in the price, which is higher than the standard models.

When was it produced?

The Yamaha UX30A was produced between 1989 and 1994.

Where was it made?

The Yamaha U3 range has been made in Japan since the mid 1950s, and over the years they have truly perfected piano manufacture. The Hamamatsu factory is world famous and is well known for making the finest pianos, including their stunning concert grand piano, the CFX, which retails for £140k!

What differences between similarly named models?

It’s different from the U-model because of that X frame mentioned before, the difference in shape makes the piano stronger.
The quality of materials used in the X models tends to be higher than the U model.
The X models also have longer bass strings, allowing the pianos to generate a rich, high-quality tone, and vents at the front give them a better sound than the standard model.



Don’t just take my word for it…

Keyboard Corner, a piano shop in Australia says the “UX30A is one of the most sought after professional pianos we import from Japan. This was the premium piano of its time with X Braced back and huge tone. This piano also has agraffes for superior tone. This is an impeccable example of this piano with a very strong bass and mellow tone perfect for classical music.”

Who should buy them?

The Yamaha UX30A is great for all – Ambitious students working through their grades, to those more accomplished pianists. If you want a piano that you’ll never have to replace, the UX30A is perfect for you.

Will I need to upgrade at some point?

No – These pianos are made to last.


Height:  131cm
Width:    153cm
Depth:    65cm

New and used prices.

The Yamaha UX30A can be very hard to find and has a price tag to match its obscurity, price around 7000 for a used one, we would recommend the U3 as a wonderful alternative.

Alternative models to consider similar to this.

Consider the similar UX models, the UX300, is very similar to this piano.
Also The Yamaha U3 is a great alternative to the UX30A, its a premium piano and is still part part of that coveted U series.


If you come across a Yamaha UX30A and have the budget, you should definitely consider buying it, they really are a wonderful piano.

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