Yamaha YU11 upright piano review and specification

The Yamaha YU11 is a rare model and information is hard to find but here is a summary of what we know. If you have any technical info or corrections for this article, please email mgpianos@gmail.com.

The YU11 is a compact upright piano, manufactured in Japan. At 121cm, it doesn’t have the height of a Yamaha U3 piano (131cm), and therefore not the depth of tone, but it still generates a pleasant sound. If you want the best sound and your budget will stretch far enough, consider buying a Yamaha U3 instead.

Here is a video of a Yamaha YU11 that we recently had in stock.

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Height: 121cm
Width: 153cm
Length: 61cm

Who buys a Yamaha YU11?

It is suitable for pianists of all standards, and as a smaller upright, it might suit those with a relatively small space for a piano. It will function perfectly well as a studio recording piano, a piano teacher’s room, etc.

Who shouldn’t buy a Yamaha YU11?

Ambitious pianists tend to opt for a Yamaha U3 model, which is a superior instrument in terms of sound and is likely to last longer. If you buy a YU11 you will likely want to upgrade at some point, so you should consider a Yamaha U3, U30A, U30BL, UX or similar 131cm model instead which will last a lifetime without requiring an upgrade.


I would always recommend opting for a Yamaha U3 over a Yamaha YU11. This is because the Yamaha U3 has a cabinet height of 131cm and can therefore accommodate much longer strings to generate a greater depth of tone. Also, because little is known about the YU11, its value depreciates much more quickly than the U3 and will be more difficult to sell in the future.

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