Yamaha YUX upright piano review and specification

If you find a Yamaha YUX in great condition that has been well cared for, go for it, they are almost always great pianos. Perfect for ambitious students and professional players alike. If you have any technical info or corrections for this article, please email mgpianos@gmail.com.

The pros of buying a Yamaha YUX.

  • It has the same dimensions as the popular U3 model, so it’s a really good full-sized upright piano.
  • It has upgraded internal action parts which help give it the very best tone possible.
  • It has an X-shaped brace at the back; this makes it more stable which some people believe results in a better sound
  • It has been hand-finished to make sure everything is as perfect as can be.

The cons of buying a Yamaha YUX

  • The Yamaha YUX is slightly rarer than other uprights so you may not be able to find one available.
  • It is a premium model which means it is more expensive than the standard Yamaha U3.

When was it produced?

That Yamaha YUX was made between 1980-1983.

Where was it made?

The Yamaha YUX was made in Yamaha’s top factory in Hamamatsu, Japan. It’s here that Yamaha makes all of their best pianos, including the world-renowned concert grand piano, the CFX, which sells for £140k.


Quotes from forum and blogs

That YUX is a great piano.
-Piano World

The YUX offers great value to a player who wants a piano with a rich full sound. The height of the U3 is responsible for the rich tone that the model is famous for. The 131cm tall cabinet gives plenty of room for long bass strings, which give a full rich sounding bass register. The sound from the YUX is better than most small grand pianos.
-The Piano Fantasy

Who should buy them?

The Yamaha YUX is perfect for ambitious students who want to pass all of their grades and continue well into the future. For this reason, it is also perfect for any level of professional musician including the very best concert pianists.

Will I need to upgrade at some point?

Unlikely – the YUX is a piano that you can keep for a lifetime and pass on to the next generation.


Height: 131cm
Width: 153cm
Depth: 64cm

New and used prices.

Yamaha YUX pianos are not made brand new anymore but we often sell them for around £5500-£6000.

Alternative models to consider similar to this.

Other uprights worth considering are the Yamaha U3, the U300, U30A, U30BL and UX3. These also come from Hamamatsu and are fantastic pianos. 
Not to be confused with the Yamaha UX3. This model also has an x-brace at the back, but they are different models. There is some overlap in their production timelines. The UX3 was first produced in 1982, a year before the YUX was discontinued.


The Yamaha YUX follows the ‘footsteps’ of the much-loved U3-model, so you can’t go wrong. The x-brace back is that little something extra, and if you can afford to pay more, then go for it.

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