Ask Mark to Choose (3 easy steps)

If you are happy for us to choose a piano on your behalf, here is all of the information you need. Please email with any questions.

1. Research

  • Read my Buyer’s Guide
    10 pages of “shoot from the hip” advice and opinion from various sources including myself other industry professionals about which makes & model of pianos to avoid and which to go for.
  • Choose between U1 & U3
    The U3 is 10cm taller than the U1 which gives it a richer, deeper sound due to the longer strings (longer than a baby grand) and larger soundboard
  • Choose between 1970s or 1980s U1 or U3
    There is no significant difference between the 1970s and 1980s. The 80s can be a touch bright but not always. They are all Japanese made and there are no significant cabinet design differences
  • Choose between bright, medium or mellow
    If you have a small, hard room I’d recommend a medium or mellow tone. If you have a large, soft room I’d suggest a medium or bright piano.
  • Watch my videos
    I have 9 or 10 informative videos about various aspects of buying a Yamaha piano and other related topics.
  • Listen to some MP3s
    Get some nice headphones or speakers and give these a listen.
  • Check the current stocklist
    I try to keep this updated once or twice per week. There is always more stock arriving so if you are looking for something specific please email me.
  • See what’s included in the price
    You get nationwide delivery, 1st tuning in your home, a 5 year guarantee and a key to fit the lock all included in the price
  • Read 100+ happy customer comments
    (I only have happy customers!)

2. Order Piano & Choose Payment Method

  • Do you need a piano stool?
    We supply a new matching adjustable stool with all of our Yamaha pianos
  • Do you want a Silent Conversion?
    For £1100 extra I can install a silent kit which lets you switch the piano into silent mode for late night practise. The conversion also adds MIDI options.
  • Choose a payment method
    Cheque on delivery, cash on delivery, bank transfer or card payment prior to deliver.
  • Fill in the order form
    If this doesn’t work for you let me know and I’ll let you know what info I need from you.
  • 14 Day Moneyback Guarantee
    Relax because you have a “no quibbles” 14 day moneyback guarantee to fall back on if you don’t like the piano that I send to you.

3. Delivery

(If you have any flights of stairs please Click Here to get an idea of whether the piano will go up or not.)

  • The movers will contact you directly
    Our movers will be in touch with you directly to arrange a suitable delivery date/time with you. They may phone, email or send you a text message
  • We will send you a link to the piano movers’ tracker which lets you see your job listed in real time on the movers schedule.
  • Pay the driver when the piano arrives
    You don’t need to pay a deposit up front. Just hand a cheque (or cash) to the driver once the piano is safely in place.
  • Any flights of stairs?
    If the piano is to go up any groups or flights of steps/stairs please email photos and measurements to as I will need to get a quote from the movers for that part of the delivery. The groundfloor delivery will still be free, you will only pay for the stair work.