Used Yamaha U3 Pianos for sale - Price £3990

The video below shows the Yamaha U3 and U1 pianos that we typically have in stock. For best results please listen with some nice quality headpones. The video shows our Manchester stock but you can expect identical quality and condition in any of our showrooms.

If you want to hear a Yamaha U3 recorded properly try this video for size.

Here is a quick brain-drump about our service and about Yamaha U3 pianos in general. Here goes…

  1. Free Nationwide groundfloor delivery
  2. Free matching adjustable stool
  3. Free 1st tuning in your home
  4. 30 day moneyback guarantee (don’t like it? send it back for a full refund)
  5. Five Year Guarantee (parts & labour of course)
  6. Student discounts available (for students who are funding themselves through university)
  7. A large smile on your face (sorry to be cheesy but it’s true!!)
  8. Definitely do make sure you’ve read our Buyer’s Guide as it’s really good.
  9. Our main showroom is in Manchester but we have a Yamaha piano showroom in London (New Malden) too.
  10. We add videos to our online stocklist so that you can see and hear all of our pianos and feel more confident about buying without visiting (you are welcome to visit too of course)
  11. All of our Yamaha U3 upright pianos have been expertly stripped & repolished, have a full set of brand new keytops, a full set of brand new loop cords, the brasswork is returned to beautiful condition, the hammers are expertly refaced and voiced and the action is properly regulated – these pianos even SMELL nice! – See below for detailed photos of these aspects.
  12. Chetham’s music school in Manchester have around 100 Yamaha U3s in their practise rooms for their students. That’s how highly regarded the U3 is.
  13. Also see our U3 minisite at


Here is a video of my Uncle Ronnie playing a medley of popular melodies on one of my previous Yamaha U3 upright pianos. Ronnie passed away a few years ago but he helped get my piano shop off the ground back in 2002 and here he is playing one of the first Yamaha pianos that we ever stocked. I love this recording.


Here are a few photos that I recently took of one of our Yamaha U3 pianos. All of my U3s are renovated to the same high standards so you should use these photos as accurate reference images:

Stunning Cabinet

Beautiful Brasswork

Brand new Keytops as standard

Expertly Voiced Hammers

Yamaha U3 Dimensions

153.5cm (w), 130.5cm (h), 65cm (d). See below for a detailed profile view. I you think that your house has some tight corners or narrow doorways you can create a cardboard cut out of the below diagram, lie it flat on the floor and then see if you can turn it into the room or around the corners without touching any of the walls.

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