Below is a list of feedback that I have received from my previous customers. Please also view 35 videos from recent customers.
Thanks to everyone for their kind words

Emeli Sande - Yamaha Grand Piano »

“It was a pleasure to deal with Mark and his team. His professional and personal attention was key in buying my piano from him. Great service that doesn’t disappoint.”

Anne McCann - Yamaha U3 »

We absolutely love our new piano. The service from Mark was great with absolutely no sales pressure, and he gave us plenty of time to try out all the pianos. He was very straightforward and honest to deal with. It was easy to arrange delivery, and later, the first tuning. We received professional and friendly service throughout.

Yamaha U1 - Milly »

This is me (Milly) with my new piano. It is great and I am very pleased that I got it from Mark Goodwin Pianos. It looks really good in our drawing room. It arrived in great condition. Unfortunately I wasn’t here when it arrived so it was a big surprise when we got back home!
Lots of love Milly
:) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

[Milly also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Jeremy Vine - Reconditioned Yamaha U3 »

“Hi Mark this is Jeremy Vine from the BBC, just to say I’m really really enjoying even looking at the piano, it’s a beautiful thing. It arrived bang on time (in fact 2 minutes before you said it would) so I was really impressed with that and the with the care your guys took when they brought it into the house. It sounds extraordinary, it looks immaculate and it’s exactly what I wanted so I’m feeling like a very happy customer and many thanks.”

Liz Cox - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark,
The piano was the first piece of furniture I bought for our newly-renovated house, although not having played since university, I was a little nervous about choosing a model. On visiting the showroom (where I was like a kid in a sweet shop) I soon found my fingers again, and selected a rather lovely 1978 Yamaha U3, which was delivered within a week. Mark was super-helpful with choosing a local piano tuner too and has been very much involved in the whole process. The piano has been lovingly restored, so it looks and sounds as beautiful as new, and is incredibly enjoyable to play. It has also inspired my little nephew, Freddie, who absolutely adores playing it. He needs to work on his technique a little though, I think…
Thanks again for all your help,

Pete Tong - BBC Radio 1 DJ - Yamaha U1 »

Hi Mark,
The piano has just arrived and sounds lovely. We’ve got it set up in the studio and can’t wait to mic it up for some productions. Thanks for the great advice and your help with everything, you can be sure we’ll be telling people about it.

John Longman - Yamaha U3 - France »

Hi Mark,
I wanted to put into writing how delighted I am with the Yamaha U3 piano that I recently purchased from Mark Goodwin Pianos. I live in France, so I bought the piano unseen and unheard, and as a result I exchanged many emails with Mark, endeavouring to ensure that I selected the right piano for me. I changed my mind a couple of times and, throughout our lengthy email correspondence, Mark was impeccably patient and helpful. He proved to me that customer satisfaction is absolutely his top priority. When my 1977 piano was eventually delivered to my home in France, in April 2012, I found the appearance of the piano simply magnificent, totally living up my most optimistic expectations. It looks like a brand new piano. The sound is excellent, and both my local piano tuner, and my accomplished pianist friend were genuinely impressed by the quality of the piano. Indeed the (French) piano tuner told me (only half jokingly), that when he heard the piano had been imported from England, he would have been happy to find some faults to point out to me, but he was disappointed that he couldn’t find anything to criticise.
Many thanks to Mark and his team.
All the best

Julika Matravers - Yamaha U3 »

Dear Mark (and Jenny),
We have now had your piano for a little while and we are still very, very happy with it! The photo shows Helena and Sophia at our new Yamaha U3. I know little about pianos, but I grew up with one in the house, and I know whether I like its sound or not. Mark was able to give us excellent advice via e-mail, and all our questions were answered promptly (also thanks to the always available Jenny!). The information was detailed and clear, and we decided to buy without visiting the showroom. The decision was made particularly easy, because we had the reassurance that we could send the piano back – without even having to pay for transport! – if we did not like it. But we did! Very much so!

The result is fantastic. We are very pleased with the product and the very efficient, fair and friendly service. If you want a Yamaha piano (and excellent customer service to go with it) get it from Mark Goodwin! And best of all: Even the children are practicing!

Many thanks and best wishes from York from

[Julika also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Sarah Gore - Yamaha U3 »

Dear Mark,
The U3 was expertly delivered yesterday by Jon and Barry. To say I am thrilled to bits is an understatement. I am in love with it. I had to learn on a rubbish instrument and now finally have a glorious sounding piano for me and my daughter to play for the first time in my life. It’s a big moment. In fact, I can’t leave it alone and have had to drag myself away from it today in order to get on with some work. Its tone is rich and mellow, particularly in the base with plenty of depth and volume when you want it whilst being responsive in more gentle passages.

Thank you so much for all your helpful advice and attention to detail and thanks also to Annie for her advice, patience and expertise. I’ll send you a photo of me and Sophia if you like for the website.
Best wishes,

Julia Hodgson - Yamaha U3 »

Julia Hodgson playing the piano

The piano is everything that I had hoped for, with a full rich tone. The tenor and bass ranges in particular are so much better than my previous instrument; you can really bring out middle lines in the tenor. It is a joy to play.

I would recommend your company to anyone looking for a quality piano at a reasonable price as your service was excellent and you were friendly and helpful to deal with. I don’t think I could have found another company who would have arranged to deliver more quickly. The piano stool also arrived promptly as promised and is of good quality.

Julia Hodgson
[Julia is a professional musician who specialises in playing the viol]

Mrs A.T. - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark,
I bought my piano from Mark after a disastrous piano restoration experience. I was really cautious about trusting anyone else, so contacted a local piano tuner through the Bristol charity that I work for as a music therapist. There was absolutely no ‘hard sell’ and I was able to choose the piano that ‘spoke to me’. I am now the very proud owner of a beautiful, properly restored Yamaha U3 piano. Although it’s dated 1986 it looks like new, and more importantly, it plays like a dream. Pianos are a big purchase and you need to be able to trust who you are dealing with. I thoroughly recommend Mark for the quality of his pianos, and the patient professional service. Believe me, I learnt the hard way.
Mrs A.T.

[Mrs A.T. also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Jill & Christina Nelson - Yamaha U3 »


Hi Mark,
Just to let you know that I still have a huge grin on my face :)
The piano is just beautiful and Christina is thrilled with it. She has been sat at it almost constantly since she came home … leaving it, only to turf me off the computer!

It looks and sounds great. A vast improvement on the old school one. I thought you’d like to see the photo’s … I love the one of Christina racing in to sit at it. She was so excited. Aunty Joan has phoned, so I told her all about it.

Hope you had a safe journey back up north. It was lovely to meet your dad, you obviously work very well together and I think he’s very proud of you. What a nice family you are. Its a shame I can’t buy another piano from you next week … its been such a great experience and you’re so nice. Never mind, I’ll be recommending you to anyone I speak to … whether they want a piano or not! Needless to say, when we’re in the market for another upgrade, you’ll be the first person I call.
Love Jill

Tom - Yamaha U3 »

I’d like to describe my experience of buying a piano from Mark Goodwin.

Mark responded quickly to my email, and I arranged a visit with my ten-year-old son to Mark’s showroom in Royton, which is easy to find. We were impressed – and at first overwhelmed – by the selection and quality of all the pristine instruments on show. We were able to look inside the pianos, seeing for ourselves their as-new condition.

Mark gave us plenty of time and space to try them all, and after about an hour we gradually narrowed down our choice to a 1981 Yamaha U3, which was not the most expensive piano in the shop, but we fell in love with its tone. Mark was most helpful: he was present in the background and answered our questions, but at no stage did we feel that we were being given the heavy sales technique. We feel that Mark is completely genuine and trustworthy.

My son was made to feel valued and special, and came away with a big smile on his face. Delivery took place in a smooth and professional manner. The price was excellent for an instrument of this calibre, especially when you consider that it has been completely overhauled and comes with a five-year guarantee as well as delivery and free first tuning.

We are absolutely delighted with our U3, which has such an irresistible tone that my kids just can’t keep their hands off it … which means they need no encouragement whatsoever to do their piano practice!

Dealing with Mark has been a delightful experience. We most definitely and strongly recommend Mark Goodwin Pianos.

With kind regards and many thanks.

[Tom also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Yael Naim (from the Apple Macbook Air Advert) - 3 Dulcitones »

I want to thank Mark from Goodwin pianos for those amazing dulcitones I bought from him 2 weeks ago… I’m really happy I can play on those magical instruments and will start to use them for my future albums and tour. Mark was very kind and the service perfect. Thank you for all and hope to work with you again

Jas Mann (of Babylon Zoo fame) - Bechstein Grand Piano »


I recently bought a Bechstein V from Mark Goodwin. The whole process went smooth from start to end and the piano is a great playing instrument. The after sales care provided was also very good.

I highly recommend this firm of Piano Suppliers.

Markus Dravs - Yamaha U3 »

I sent mark a text message at 8pm on Friday night asking if I could visit his Manchester showroom the next day, choose a piano and have it delivered the same day (Saturday afternoon). The following morning I viewed a huge selection of his pianos. After spending some time choosing and getting a lot of helpful advice, I decided, and about 6 hours later the piano had been safely delivered to my home (an hours drive away). Although the access was slightly awkward, Mark and his Dad brought enough ramps and platforms, lifting the piano safely into my house. I’d like to thank Mark for a friendly and efficient service and would be happy to recommend his expertise to anyone who is looking for a quality Yamaha piano.

Rob Morton - Yamaha U3 »

You’re looking for a really decent quality second-hand upright piano. You are aware of the pitfalls and so you want to deal with someone who really knows what they’re talking about. You want to feel that you’re not only going to get great value for money, but that your own particular needs and tastes are taken into account. So, you start researching and before very long you find Mark Goodwin’s great website which may as well say “I want you to get a really great piano, and this is
how you do it” You almost fall in love with U1’s and U3’s before you’ve played any.

And then you go and see Mark and whilst he sits very much in the background, you explore these wonderful instruments, all consistently immaculate and beautifully reconditioned (like new) and each having their own subtle characters. And one of them is going to do it for you better than the rest. The one we bought kept drawing me back, and there was a full 15 minutes when I just got lost in it. Mark understands people as well as pianos and you are quite simply going to get the very best possible service from him. When it is delivered, you become instantly reacquainted with all those aspects of its character which drew you in before. And you have a new member of the family. Our video clip is a bit daft but hopefully conveys a sense of the fun and pleasure our lovely U3 is giving us. Thanks Mark, from me and all of my family.
Rob Morton

[Rob also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Jim Platt - Yamaha U3 »

Replacing the starter piano that we had been given for the children from someone’s garden – for a quality instrument, had seemed an opportunity for disaster. Not a pianist myself – but I did realise that my son’s playing had reached a point that warranted a better instrument than he had access to. On recommendations, I wanted to look at some Yamaha instruments and found Mark Goodwin Pianos on the internet. The number of comparable instruments that were available to try out in one place was the first attraction. I took my son, who is the pianist, to the Oldham showroom and we spent a couple of hours – with and without Mark, as we needed him – working our way around, playing each piano – finding the tone and the action that we thought best for us.

Having made an appointment to vist, we had the showroom to ourselves. Mark was there – helping with questions on the different models, years of manufacture etc and some additional playing. We bought a 1983 U3. It was delivered a week later. The whole process has been great – from the helpful low key showroom input, to the seemless delivery and post delivery tuning. The quality of the refurbishment is superb. The keys, pedals, lacquer finish all perfect. The instrument looks absolutely brand new. It was everything I had hoped it might be. A beautiful instrument with an even better sound, that has re-inspired my teenage son. I am very happy to recommend Mark Goodwin to anyone thinking of buying a piano.
Jim Platt

[Jim also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Olivia Greenway - Yamaha U3 »

The piano we bought from you has really helped me to improve my playing. I would sit and play for hours if I could. I love its mellow sound and easy touch. We haven’t had any problems with the piano and we were delighted with the whole service we received.
P.S Annie was wonderful too.
Thank you very much
Olivia Greenway

Jeremy Laycock - Yamaha U1 »

Hi Mark,
See attached – two very happy customers. Madeleine and Jonny would like to say thanks to all the team for their great service – from initial query to delivery in under a week!! The house is now full of music rather than the sounds of the PS3 :-)
Thanks again

Dianne Owen - Yamaha U3 »

The service has been fantastic from beginning to end. Claire has been a keyboard player since she was young and has now started piano alongside her keyboard teaching diploma. We know absolutely nothing about pianos and this has been a big purchase for us. It is not often you get to spend a lot of money on something you know so little about.

We felt reassured from the beginning as our questions were answered quickly by email and Mark was very helpful about arranging a time for us to go and view the pianos that suited us. We were not rushed at all and Claire was left to try the pianos herself until we wanted some advice, and to hear someone else play them, and then Mark came and helped us. There was absolutely no pressure put on us at all and we left happy that we had chosen the piano we wanted.

The piano was delivered within a week by some very helpful removers who very quickly and carefully got it in to where it was to go. It looks and sounds fantastic. It has a lovely mellow sound and looks as new. It has also had a very thorough piano tune, which was included the price, which introduced us to an excellent piano tuner who we will certainly use again.
We highly recommend Mark Goodwin Pianos.
Paul, Dianne & Claire Owen

[Dianne also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Roger & Jennifer Lamboll - Yamaha U3 »

Dear Mark & Jenny,
When Roger first mentioned that we were going to buy a piano I was stunned. I never imagined that we would be a family that had a piano!

I didn’t have a clue where to start looking or indeed what to look for. When the time came Roger reassured me that he had been looking for months & had found who he wanted to purchase the piano from – Mark Goodwin Pianos.

Our schedules meant that it took us a while to arrange a visit to see Annie in London, she was very prompt in replying to our e-mails and eventually we were able to visit the showroom with our children who were the important people in all of this.

When Annie opened the doors to the room we all gasped, to the boys it was an Aladdin’s cave moment, they were in awe and couldn’t believe that they were allowed to play on all of the pianos. Annie was so patient with the boys, she listened to all of their chatter and answered so many of my questions, although I still had no idea what I was doing! Annie played the same piece on several different pianos for us and at that point I could truly hear the difference between mellow, medium and bright, then the process became even easier as we worked through our favourite pianos ending up between a choice of a U1 and a U3. We felt reassured with Annie’s advice.

Space dictated the U1 for the Lamboll family, every day since it has arrived the boys have played the piano of their own accord, even when I’ve been tired and headachy listening to the piano being played has made me smile. When I now look at all the other feedback videos I truly appreciate and understand what the other Mark Goodwin customers have experienced. I would not hesitate in recommending this company, the customer service has been excellent, and for me that means 10/10.

Best wishes,
Jennifer, Roger, Alex & James Lamboll.

[Jennifer also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

The Lawton Family - Yamaha U3 Upright Piano »

Dear Mark
Just a few lines to say sincerest thanks for your help and services in our recent purchase of the Yamaha U3 from you. We were hugely impressed by the quality and value of your pianos. The service was second to none. Our three daughters (two of whom are at Chetham’s School of Music) were able to feel totally relaxed trying out all the pianos.

Thank you for the speed of your delivery and we were all touched by the lovely surprise flowers (you really didn’t need to, but it was a lovely, kind gesture). You were an absolute pleasure to deal with and we would completely recommend you to any one looking to buy a fully restored piano, whatever level they are at.

With best wishes,
Paul and Andrea
PS The piano hasn’t stopped being played since you left this afternoon!

[Note from Mark: I gave the Lawton’s a bunch of flowers because there was a slight mix up with the delivery. They were very understanding and so I thought a bunch of flowers was in order]

Paul Maddocks - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark
Just wanted to say thanks for your great service and excellent piano. I was very wary entering the market to buy a piano, but you made the process very simple and stress-free and we are extremely happy with our purchase. I decided to check you out as you were relatively local and there was a lot of positive feedback about you on the internet. This is thoroughly deserved. While your website is very informative in terms of background info, stock and prices, I enjoyed my trip out to your showroom and your willingness to demonstrate many different pianos. I felt no pressure to buy, and did not feel as though you wanted me to buy ‘this’ or ‘that’ piano. Instead you talked about the relative merits of each and let me make my own mind up. I think your business approach is very refreshing, and I can tell you care about offering decent products and good service. It was much nicer to deal directly with the owner of the business, rather than a commission-driven sales assistant with a fraction of the knowledge you possess. The absence of hard-sell is a definite plus. Myself and the whole family are very happy with the piano. It’s condition is immaculate. It really is like new and even after a fair bit of moving around has remained in pitch. I look forward to the first free tuning around Christmas time. The piano is exactly what I was looking for. Tonally not too bright, while smooth in the mid-range and definition in the low end. As you said – quite mellow. The keys are light enough for my 2 young daughters to play on without deterring them, and as it also has the ‘practise’ pedal all the better for those first few years while they are plonking away in the background! Our only regret is not buying a piano sooner. I will be sure to recommend you to any friends or colleagues who are looking to buy a piano without hesitating. Thanks again and good luck in the future. Kind regards,
Paul Maddocks

Rev Bill Schweitzer - Yamaha U3 (Unseen) »

If you have done your homework, you already know that the Yamaha U-series is probably the best upright piano you can get in terms of long-term value. You probably know that there are several firms that specialise in shipping used U1s and U3s over from Japan, refurbishing them to some extent, and selling them in the UK. What you might not have been able to figure out is which of these firms to choose. Well, after doing as much research as I could, I choose Mark Goodwin, and bought a U3 sight unseen, and it has proven to be the right choice. Mark does more to these pianos, and at a higher standard, than anyone else. The piano arrived in near-immaculate shape (I notice every detail; nothing is entirely perfect, but this was close), inside and out.

All our guests, and even the children’s piano teacher thought it was new. The knowledge that it is in fact over 30 years old, but plays and looks as if it were new, is worth almost as much as the savings. And on top of it all, Mark is an upright, helpful guy who has been a pleasure to work with. Buy with confidence.
Rev Dr Bill Schweitzer Minister, Gateshead

Mark White - Yamaha U3 »

I think this is the easiest testimonial that I have ever written. I can honestly say it was great service….

I can whole heartedly recommend Mark Goodwin Pianos. He offers such an easy way to buy a piano. I did all my research online until I knew what I wanted. I booked an appointment at Mark’s Oldham showroom and had the shop to myself. Mark has an extensive choice of pianos to pick from and offers a no pressure approach. He stayed around for any questions I had but stayed in the background to let me try all the pianos to find the one that suited me. I decided on the Saturday and he held it without deposit over the weekend until I confirmed.

The piano was then delivered on the Wednesday at a time to suit me. There was no deposit and I paid by cheque.

The piano looks and sounds like new. Let’s face it a piano is not an insignificant investment but the renovations are extensive and I am very confident that I have a piano in excellent condition. It looks and sounds great. I am very happy.

[Mark also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Lola Phillips - Yamaha U1 »

I bought this U1 piano for my 6 year old daughter, who is being trained by a Suzuki teacher. She is taking pride at looking after her piano and jumps on every day to practice her drills and latest tunes. I intent to pass the piano onto her when she make a home for herself. I am now taking piano lessons myself, so the piano is well utilized. We got expert advise from Ann in London, delivery went without a hitch and the piano tuner sent for the first tuning was lovely. I would happily recommend anyone to make their piano purchase from Mark Goodwin Pianos

Richard Williams - Yamaha U3 »

For years, I have always wanted to own a black Yamaha upright piano so that my children can grow up around music. Having done some research, it was clear that whilst a Yamaha U3 was by far the best quality piano to go for, a new one was way beyond my budget. So when I came across Mark Goodwin Piano’s website, I was both surprised and excited to note not just how immaculate his U3s looked but how affordable they were. My initial email enquiry to Mark led to a number of email exchanges between us over a couple of months. Each time, Mark replied promptly, answering all my questions and giving me as much information as possible about U3s. Not once did Mark try to give me the “hard sell”. Quite the opposite. He understood that I wasn’t in a position to buy a U3 right away and that if and when I was, there was nothing to say I would choose to buy from him. Despite this, Mark was enormously helpful. This spoke volumes to me about how Mark goes about doing business. No pressure, no hard sell. Just honest, helpful information and advice.

Once I eventually decided to buy a U3, I visited Mark’s Manchester showroom. This was packed with U3s, all of which looked completely brand new, such is the high standard to which his pianos are reconditioned. I instantly knew that I wouldn’t find a better U3 any where else and that if I was going to buy one, it would be from Mark. Mark showed me around and made himself scarce so that I had as much time as I needed to try out out various U3s. In no time at all, I found the right U3 for me which Mark arranged to be delivered to me the following week and tuned free of charge a few weeks later. To say the U3 looks stunning in my home is a huge understatement. More importantly, it sounds amazing. Everyone who sees the piano can’t quite believe that it isn’t brand new.

Whilst it goes without saying that I now have a stunning piano that I am thrilled with, what stood out for me was the level of customer care shown by Mark, not just up to the point of sale but beyond. The U3 I purchased exceeded my expectations in every way but because I am something of a perfectionist, there were two very minor adjustments I wanted Mark to make to the piano some time after delivery. I was definitely being overly picky in asking Mark to make these adjustments but he arranged for them to be made right away and without question. Again, the results totally exceeded my expectations.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Mark Goodwin to anyone who is looking to buy a U3. In fact, I have since recommended to Mark a friend who was so impressed with his pianos that she ended up buying a U3 piano from him. Needless to say, she is as thrilled with her piano as I am with mine!

Stuart Smith - Yamaha U3 »

This is our new Yamaha U3 piano! I say ‘new’ as, to all intents and purposes, that’s what it is: new hammers, loops etc and immaculate cabinet. The touch is light and responsive, and the sound is just wonderful, clear, not too bright, and with full resonant bass. Apart from a Bechstein grand I occasionally managed to get on to at college, this is the best piano I have ever played. All thanks to Mark Goodwin Pianos!

There are piano suppliers nearer to us but we decided to buy from Mark. To say we weren’t disappointed would be an understatement!

As his Bristol warehouse was the nearest to us, we arranged to visit Claire there on a Wednesday to try some out. However, at the time, there were only about 2 U3s in our price range in stock there. We had up-dates from Mark to say they were frantically tuning more at Oldham with a view to increasing the stock at Bristol. So his Dad drove down with more pianos on the Tuesday, in time for our visit on the Wednesday! This all seemed as though it was being done just for us – that’s what you call customer service! What’s more, having chosen our piano on the Wednesday, it was delivered, on time, the following Monday, and our old piano taken away – at no charge. What’s not to like!

So, as you will have gathered, both my wife and I are very happy bunnies! If you are looking for a piano, why go to the expense of buying a new one – Mark’s are just as good, and the service is second to none. A big ‘thank you’!

Charles Plumridge - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark
We have recently bought a Yamaha U3 from Mark Goodwin pianos and are very happy with the instrument and the service we received. We could not get in to the showroom so asked mark to choose the right piano for us and we are very happy with the selection. Everything from ordering through to delivery has been handled efficiently and in a very friendly way from both Mark and Jenny. We have no hesitation in recommending Mark and Jenny. Ron Plumridge.
Many thanks,
Charles Plumridge

Bromley Youth Music Trust - 2 Yamaha U3s »

Dear Mark
Bromley Youth Music Trust approached Mark Goodwin with the request to purchase two upright Yamahas (U3). I am delighted to say that the service offered was fast, professional, helpful, reliable, informative, thorough and trustworthy. The company kept to their promises and delivery dates. The delivery was done in a very professional and precise manner, with constant communication between us and the company polishing every little details of the deal along the way. I hope to be able to use Mark Goodwin’s services again in the future.
With best wishes,
Lora Dimitrova, Head of Keyboard, Bromley Youth Music Trust

Rosalyn Oaks - Yamaha U1 upright piano »

Hi Mark
The Yamaha U1 was delivered this week and we are very very happy indeed with it ( although no one can play much at the moment, but lessons are being booked for next week !! ) I would like to say how relieved i was to find a company whom not only sells great products but whom also have an amazing customer service base ! A Big thankyou very much indeed for all your help and advice from the first phone call and the lovely delivery men who were very gentlemanly. It was a pleasure doing business with you and i will certainly recommend you to everyone. Many Many thanks.
Rosalyn x

Mrs EL - Yamaha U1 »

We are absolutely delighted with the recent purchase of our 1987 Yamaha U1. We visited local stockists, but were disappointed with the lack of information about the history of the piano and the condition of the same, and also spent much time searching the internet, but we kept coming back to Mark Goodwin’s site, which was very informative and the prices appeared to be cheaper than our local stockists. Given the cost and the nature of our intended purchase, we decided to view before purchase, and made the 120 mile round trip to Manchester on a Sunday afternoon, Mark’s directions were good and his warehouse was very easy to find. Mark is a very pleasant young man and most informative, he was very patient during our visit and not the slightest bit pushy. I explained to Mark that I hadn’t played the piano for 30 years and asked if he would demonstrate each piano, he was happy to do this and demonstrated each piano in turn and then insisted on leaving us alone to try each piano for ourselves. We decided on a 1987 U1 piano which looks absolutely immaculate, it has no marks on it whatsoever, being refurbished to a standard as new, you would really think it was new if you didn’t know different, we also chose a matching stool at a very competitive price. The delivery of our piano and stool was for the following Thursday afternoon, Mark would not take a deposit, he just advised payment on delivery. The delivery company was a professional piano delivery outfit and the delivery men were very pleasant, they telephoned when they were half an hour away and made sure that the piano was in-situ before they left, they even polished it! I’ve played the piano every day since it’s delivery and can’t fault it in any way, it’s given us so much pleasure. We’ve just arranged for our complimentary 6 week after-purchase tuning, we e-mailed Mark and he came back to us quickly with the details of a local piano tuner who would call within the next couple of days to arrange the visit, the tuner called as expected.
Mrs EL

Thom - Yamaha U3 »


Dear Mark,
Just a quick thank you for your very professional yet relaxed and prompt service. We love our piano and have you to thank for it.
Thanks so much!

Mrs S - Yamaha U3 »

Buying a piano from Mark was far easier than I would have expected. In the beginning I had googled ‘buying a piano’ and came across Mark’s name. I was cautious to use somebody online that I didn’t know, but he had such good reviews. In a way that made me more cautious as it seemed to good to be true! But indeed, Mark Goodwin Pianos is a gem, as is his piano technician. I corresponded with Mark via email and his responses back were always prompt. My piano is sublime!

As a pianist whom recently moved and left behind her piano I had been putting up with a old freebie. I’m in love with my Yamaha U3. The bass notes are lush and rich, the treble notes are sparkly but not too bright. A perfect balance with a light touch to match. Mark’s service was easy and friendly. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to buy a piano.

Warm Regards,
Mrs S (identity withheld at customer’s request)

Neil Reynolds - Yamaha U1 (unseen) »

Dear Mark,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thankyou so much for such a smooth and enjoyable purchase. Sorry that I didn’t write sooner but I’ve been playing my new piano non-stop for the past week…..I LOVE IT!!! The piano looks absolutely stunning and the polished black finish is flawless. It sounds incredible too! And the action of the keys is superb. It’s hard to believe that it’s 31 years old – if only I had aged so well! The U1 was definitely the right choice for my style of playing as it’s got a lovely bright sound – just as you described.

The guys who delivered it and took away my old piano were also excellent – they quietly and professionally did the job taking great care and I was very impressed. My daughter starts her piano lessons on Friday although she’ll have a job getting past me to the piano – maybe I’ll have to buy another one from you!!!!

So thankyou again for all of your advice and for taking the time to answer my many questions – it was my biggest unseen purchase but I am absolutely delighted and convinced that I bought from the best person.
Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!!

Uri Geller - restored Bechstein grand piano »

Uri Geller

We are pleased and delighted with the grand piano that Mark has supplied us with. It came promptly and on time and the service was highly professional. I recommend Mark Goodwin Pianos to anyone who is looking to buy a piano for their home or business.

Alison Mosquera - Yamaha U3 »

Hello Mark and Jenny
I’m writing to thank you very belatedly for the wonderful piano that you chose for us. As total beginners we really didn’t know what we were looking for, other than knowing that we wanted a U3. You took our particular needs into consideration and made an excellent selection for us. I know that on the particular week that we contacted you, you were incredibly busy, but we never felt like we had anything less than personal service from you. Buying unseen over the internet is a scary business, but your attention gave us the confidence that we were dealing with a professional. I would definitely recommend you to any family or friends who were after a U3. My daughter has got much more enthusiastic about her piano lessons now that she has a real piano to practice on and not just an iPad app, and I have decided that I would like to learn to play as well.
Kind regards
Alison Mosquera

Gary Pfeffer - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark,
I’d like to let you know how completely thrilled I am with the Yamaha U3 I bought from you a couple of months ago. It has recently had its first tuning – thank you! – and the sound it now has is absolutely amazing, even better than when it was delivered. It also looks totally stunning! It really does look and feel like a brand new instrument. Considering that it is actually 31 years old, I must say the level and quality of refurbishment is extremely high. Before I came to your showroom, I looked around at some other U3s. In particular, I saw a couple in the showroom of a very well established Midlands dealer. Despite charging over £1000 more than you, the refurbishment was not in the same league.

Therefore, I am really pleased not just with my piano, but also with the fact that I bought it from you. At every step you have been truly helpful yet without applying any pressure at all. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with you. Your approach to business is refreshing, and I really hope that your company prospers – you deserve it.
Thank you!

[Gary also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Yamaha U3 - Melanie Ross »

Hi Mark,
From start to finish, buying our U3 piano from Mark was a great experience. He patiently and quickly answered all of our many questions, even (as we found out afterwards) when he was on holiday! Though we live a long way from his showrooms, he made us feel like local customers. When we were able to visit to choose our piano we were immediately so relieved that we had gone the extra mile (or 100!) and not settled for a piano we could buy locally. His pianos were so much better than others we had tried and there were so many to choose from! The delivery of our new (and collection of our old) piano was totally effortless. We’ve already had many many very happy playing hours and the piano just keeps sounding better! Wish we’d got it years ago now!
Thanks so much, Mark!

Peter Conolly - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark,
When I visited your showroom in Oldham, I was really taken aback by the range of pianos for sale in terms of model, tone and touch, all of which were aligned to what I considered to be of excellent quality. The relaxed atmosphere provided and patience shown to me before I finally chose a piano that I felt suited my playing was fantastic. I was not pushed, pressurised or made to feel embarrassed at all. I feel it is important to stress this buying experience because guess what, I now have a beautiful sounding piano that suits my touch and has quality wriiten all over it. It is pure joy to play. Without doubt, you supply and deliver exactly what you say on your website. Thank you. My very best regards,

Alastair Nairn - Glasgow »

Hi Mark,
I just like to thank you for providing a five star service from first contact with yourself, through to our meeting with Douglas and the final delivery by 2 thoroughly professional (and very pleasant) piano movers on Friday. The piano looks even more impressive once in the home and the sound and performance of the piano has been admired by all. I’ve already seen the impact with 2 friends already keen to research your website.
So once again thanks for the patience and having the online and regional support in place to give us the confidence to invest in a beautiful piano of such a high standard.

Mike Cox - Yamaha U3 »

I learnt to play the piano from aged 7 and ceased playing regularly at aged 17 or 18. I always intended to take it up again later in life and, at 26, decided it was time to do so. After some research on the Internet, Yamaha upright pianos seemed to be a good, quality purchase, with the U3 something of an industry standard.

I quickly discovered that the pianos were much better value second hand but that it was important to buy a properly refurbished one. This is the reason I went to Mark Goodwin and was very happy with his service. He gave me what I felt was impartial advice, explained the pros and cons clearly and allowed me to try many second hand U3s in his shop without giving me a ‘hard sell’.

He was accommodating when it came to delivery and also very well equipped to place the piano in my house with the minimum of fuss. All in all, I’m extremely pleased with both Mark’s service and the piano. I would highly recommend Mark Goodwin Pianos.


Eddie & Phil Wright - Yamaha U3 »

Yamaha UX piano

We have been looking for a “real” piano for our son to complement his Yamaha Clavinova. We found Mark Goodwin’s website and he seemed to have just what we wanted in stock. A quick phone call later and we were travelling across the pennines to have a play.

Mark’s approach is to tell you about his pianos, pointing out their plus points and their shortcomings and let you play, touch, feel them until you are ready to choose the right one for you. Once you have made up your mind, Mark makes all the arrangements – A week later our piano is in our dining room, having been professionally delivered and is now being played and enjoyed!

If you are looking for a good value piano Mark Goodwin Pianos is certainly one place you should put on your shopping list.
Highly recommended!
Eddie Wright

Sarah Ganczarski - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark,
I bought a reconditioned Yamaha U3M from Mark Goodwin at Easter after visiting his Oldham showroom. I had a big choice of U3s and plenty of time to sit and play them all to my heart’s content while I tried to work out which one I preferred. Mark was very low-key and left me to it and didn’t try to influence my decision one way or the other. He was extremely helpful with suggestions about what to do with my antique Rogers upright for which I was most grateful. In the end his superb delivery team took it away and delivered to a buyer I’d found myself locally – for a reasonable price and very efficiently. My ‘new’ Yamaha U3 is wonderful to play on with a terrific tone, positive action and great volume. Everything I play sounds so much better, even without practice, although this U3 has inspired me to practice again and I’m even considering a few refresher lessons. My two sons have practised much more often and really enjoy the sound they can make on this instrument, even though they are only Grades 1 & 2. There is no better choice of U3s anywhere, and no keener prices either. Many thanks to Mark and his team.

[Sarah also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Dominic Halpin - Yamaha U3 »

The advice I received from Mark when buying my piano was excellent. As a first time piano buyer I was a little nervous, Mark helped me choose the perfect piano for me. The piano is a dream to play and I couldn’t be more more happy to recommend Mark Goodwin Pianos to anyone thinking of buying a piano

Maria Kojs - Yamaha GC1 Baby Grand Piano »

Hi Mark,
Here’s what I have to say-hope its of some use! All sincerely meant!
Thank you so much Mark! Fabulous piano which I love to bits! Great sound and looks absolutely prisitine, I am the envy of all my friends. Have waited years to replace a much loved baby grand and came to you looking for a retirement present to myself. Had a good email conversation with you about what I was looking for and you came up with the solution – a five foot three Yamaha GC1 baby grand. There was no hard sell – in fact you were very patient and good humoured and allowed me as much time as I might need to make my decision – even giving a very spirited demonstration of the piano’s capabilities for me when I was a bit timid myself! The delivery team were great – very considerate and efficient and the whole buying experience was first class. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone and many thanks again.
Maria Kojs

Zoe Dawson-Williams - Yamaha U1 »

Hi Mark,
The piano arrived safe and well yesterday afternoon, so I just wanted to drop you a note to say “Wow” !! It is absolutely beautiful; good as new (infact better because it sounds lovely!!) and it fits in the living room perfectly…phew! Thank you so much for everything. It’s been so long since I played, that your help was invaluable.

The guys who delivered it were fantastic as well; very friendly and professional and exceptionally good communicators. They rang to arrange a time, then called in the morning to confirm, then sent a text half an hour before they arrived.

So…. a huge thank you and I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know who is considering buying a piano. You made the whole experience very pleasurable. Oh…and the best news is that I haven’t forgotten how to play….must be like riding a bike!
Kind regards, Zoe
[zoe’s daughter is shown in the photo]

Kev Fox - Yamaha U3 »

Dear Mark
I wanted to let you know that I could not be happier with the purchase of my U3 piano. Not only does it look wonderful, the sound is exquisite. It was a joy to meet and deal with you throughout the process and you certainly delivered everything you promised. You made my entire family feel very welcome when we arrived at your showroom and I was very at ease being allowed to jump from one exquisite instrument to the next and back again until I found the perfect piano for me.

The before, during and after sales customer service is better than any service I have received from any company. I am so pleased with the service and the quality of the piano that I have been telling my piano teacher (and all of his students) to get rid of whatever they have now and get straight in touch with you. If I ever need another piano, which is now unlikely, there is only one place I would go. Thank you for everything.
Kev Fox

[Kev kindly sent in some video feedback which you can see by Clicking Here]

Stephen in Finland - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark
I cannot thank you enough for ALL your help. You have been not only generous and helpful, but exceedingly honest and communicative. I could hardly ask for more. My wife was worried about us going all the way to the UK to buy our piano, but after our 80 emails (!) and all your advice and help, I couldn’t think of anyone else from whom I’d rather buy it or anyone who deserves the sale more than you. Buying from someone you don’t know can be a complete crap shoot, but I feel that this wasn’t at all the case with you. On the contrary, I feel you have been more communicative and forthcoming with advice, information and assistance than anyone thus far …and BY far. With this purchase, I couldn’t be more satisfied and pleased. You have really contributed to placing a well-loved musical instrument that will serve our home for many years to come. This means a lot to me, and our positive experience with you in this regard will always be a welcome memory attached to it. And for this I thank you very, very much!
Stephen (Finland)

Note: Yes, Stephen did indeed buy a piano from me here in Manchester. It cost him something like £700 to get delivered.

I sent Stephen an email by mistake some months after his purchase and he replied with the following message

Hi Mark,
Funny you emailed me today, because I was planning on emailing you later on after work to let you know how pleased we are with the piano we bought from you and with all the service you provided. Immensely pleased. Again, should I be able to help potential customers decide to do business with you by providing reference or recommendation, please let me know. I would be happy to do that, as I believe very strongly that honest businessmen like yourself should be rewarded with more business.

Thanks again, and we have some friends here that are very impressed with the tale of how we got our piano and the quality of it. So much so that they, too, bill be interested in purchasing a piano from you in future. As this develops, I will inform you.
Kind regards,

Suk Ng - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark
Hope you & your family are keeping well. Even though we live in Knaresborough, getting to your Manchester showroom was not an issue at all; it only took us just over an hour & it was well worth the journey. You had plenty of pianos for us to choose from in your showroom, and thank you once again for opening up for us especially when you were feeling not so good after Christmas. You kept yourself in the background so as not to pressurise us into a particular purchase but was there if we needed any advice. I felt quite relaxed about the whole experience because when we visited other showrooms, we were being followed every step of the way. The piano we eventually chose was one of the older ones in the showroom, but the quality was amazing and its appearance remarkable; even the piano tuner commented how new it looked & how good the condition of the piano was, and the 5 year guarantee gave us the extra reassurance but I don’t think we will be needing it. I must also praise the delivery service which you provided & give it an excellent rating. The delivery men were very courteous, well-spoken, polite & came with university degrees, & were very knowledgeable about pianos; certainly not your everyday delivery men. I would certainly recommend Mark Goodwin Pianos to anyone who is thinking of buying a piano from a trustworthy source and who dose not want any hassle.
Take care
Suk Ng

Jan - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark
I would like to thank you for selling us a U3 Yamaha piano, which was a smooth transaction. Your choice of instruments was wonderful. The piano is beautiful and as described on your website. I think that your musical experience with pianos and the love for your job make your shop an ideal choice for anybody who is wanting to choose a suitable piano. Now the challenge is back on us all who play the piano in our family to work towards the next musical grade. I think it will be a great fun. Thank you. Best regards, Jan.

Anne Ford - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark,
I wanted to thank you and your Team for the excellent service I received recently in respect of the purchase of my Yamaha U3, I absolutely love it! Annie organised a visit for me to the New Malden showroom where I was able to play any of the pianos in stock, Annie provided advice when I asked for it, and I never felt under pressure to buy. My visit to the showroom was on a Wednesday, and my piano was delivered on the following Saturday. The Team that delivered the piano were very helpful and gave the piano a clean once it was in place. However, the most important thing for me is that the piano not only looks stunning, but the sound is great, and that was what I was looking for in a new piano. So thanks to all the Team and I would gladly recommend Mark Goodwin Pianos to anyone thinking of a purchase.

[Anne also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Nick, Amanda, Jack and William - Yamaha U1 »

We bought a Yamaha U1 off of Mark at the end of August 2011 for our two boys to play, whose musical ability had long since outgrown their modest keyboard. The quality of the U1 is fantastic, a lovely bright tone and a delicate touch, which allows the boys to really begin to develop their feel for pieces. At the start of the process we were particularly impressed by Mark’s website and the ease of making arrangements to view and try out the instruments. Mark gave our boys two hours to play on the different instruments and to narrow down the ones that they liked. He was there when we needed him and when we wanted space he made himself scarce. It was like being at home with 20 pianos.

[Nick also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Darren Mclaney - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark,
I’m Marcus McLaney, the son of Darren Mclaney, who recently purcheased a piano from you. Attatched is a photo of me sitting next to the piano and here is what i would like to say about my experience:

Mark Goodwin pianos was an easy and enjoyable experience. Mark was kind, very professional and made the experience fly by! The showroom was amazing, with loads of pianos to try out! And as for the pianos, the sound quality of all of them was brilliant with a choice of tone and colour. Mark goodwin pianos offers a thoroughly enjoyable experience.Finally, after leaving the showroom, 2 days later the piano arrived and the movers were excellent and very careful.
Many thanks
P.S the piano is great

[Marcus also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Rachel Moore - Yamaha U1 »

I cannot recommend Mark Goodwin Pianos more highly. My husband bought me a Yamaha U1 without my knowledge, and he knows nothing about pianos! Not only that but there were no U1’s in London at the time – only in Manchester (we live in London) so my husband corresponded with Mark only by email and phone before purchase. He said he cannot fault Mark’s customer service and his advice and guidance when purchasing the piano was invaluable. The fact that I am simply bowled over with my piano and the quality of it is testament to Mark’s excellent and honest customer service, his knowledge and the quality of his pianos. The piano was delivered (from Manchester) and installed extremely smoothly, and awaited my arrival! I was stunned and thought the piano was brand new (not almost 30 years old) purely because it looked and sounded brand new. I would recommend Mark Goodwin Pianos to anyone who wants an excellent quality piano with fantastic service to boot.

[Rachel also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Peter French - Yamaha U3 »

Thank you so much for your help in providing us with a beautiful U3, we are so pleased with it. We were looking not only for an excellent instrument but also something nice to look at, as it is sited in our main living room, our needs have been fulfilled on both counts. Your service is excellent, and your delivery people courteous and professional. I’ve attached a picture of our daughter Hannah with a very big grin which sums up how we all feel.


Neil Liversedge - Yamaha U3 »

We are delighted with Mark’s helpful service and quality of the piano we bought. No hard sell, the pianos do it for themselves. Mark kindly agreed to open the shop on a snowy Sunday morning to fit in with my cross-country travel plans. Ten days later the piano arrived in Exeter and the old piano was removed free of charge. My daughter is delighted with it as is her piano teacher! Here is a photo of Martha with her piano.
King Regards,

Tony Smith - Yamaha U3 »

Dear Mark
We are very pleased with our U3 Yamaha and the professional service Mark Goodwin Pianos delivered. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and colleagues who were looking for a new/refurbished piano.
Best regards,
Tony Smith

Hugh Connolly »

Hi Mark
The piano arrived early yesterday morning. There was great excitement as you can imagine and Suzanne was just about to drop the boys to school. They had to wait until the afternoon to see it. It looks absolutely lovely. Archie is delighted to finally have a real piano. I’m sure he and possibly the others too will have many years of enjoyment playing it. Thanks for all your help and suggestions and for keeping in touch with regard to delivery.

[Hugh also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Hannah & Ed - Yamaha U3 - Switzerland »

Hi Mark,
We live in Geneva, and purchased the piano from you which was delivered here by Coles and Co. We are extremely happy with the piano. It is a beautiful instrument, and has been reconditioned with care the attention. Annie was extremely helpful in the showroom when I went to see the different pianos, and there was a great selection to see. The ordering process was very easy. You were a great help in organising the delivery of the piano, and the removal people did a great job also. All
in all, the service you provide is excellent, and the range of pianos you offer is fantastic. I think its quite a unique business, and I will certainly be recommending you in the future.
Thanks again for all your help.
Hannah & Ed

Hebron Piano School - Yamaha U3 »

Hello Mark!
Just wanted to say that all is well with the Yamaha. We used the piano for our exams recently with excellent results! Everyone is pleased with it and it really is lovely to play. Thank you for going out of your way to deliver it so promptly, I know you put yourself out to deliver it. So kind of you, not many would go the second mile these days. Please give our regards to your father and our thanks for his help. It was lovely meeting you both.
Dana Mitchell, Hebron Piano School

Justina Jeyarajah - Yamaha U3 »

Dear Mark,
I am overjoyed with my piano. It’s an excellent piano in great condition. There were many types of pianos in the showroom and Annie was extremely helpful. She made choosing a piano so much easier and was happy for us to come back to make our final decision. She explained everything thoroughly. The communication of the delivery was spectacular. It was arranged in a few minutes and the idea of contacting us before they arrived made sure we didn’t waste our days in doors but could go out and come back just in time for our piano to come. I would recommend Mark to anyone who has an interest in buying a Yamaha.
Justina Jeyarajah

Christine Peerless - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark,
Just thought I ought to write you a note to thank you for choosing such a fantastic piano for me. I’ve now had it for a couple of weeks and I haven’t had a day without playing it (that’s part of the reason why I haven’t sent you a note earlier). This piano is everything I was looking for – it is in fantastic condition (just as you described “as new”), and has a rich, full and warm tone. It is truly a joy to play. The delivery was fast and painless – in spite of one day late than expected (due to the van breakdown), Jon has texted us in every step so there was no anxiety. Also well done with your honest suggestions and buyer’s guide. As I bought a reconditioned Kawai before, I did some extensive research and your website still comes cross very helpful and honest. So a big Thank You and I won’t hesitate to recommend your business to anyone who is looking for a high quality piano and pleasant purchasing experience. I’ve also left a review on the Google. (The photo is my little daughter SK sitting on my lap thumbing away on the piano.)
All the best,

Heather Garfin - Yamaha U3 »

Im really glad I bought my piano from you, its such a beautiful piano and the sound quality is amazing. The service was also amazing, the piano came on time and I thought it was really good and a big help that you took the old piano away. Its so much fun to play on, I’ve hardly been off it since it came haha. Im so glad I bought the piano from you, thankyou for the excellent service :)
Thank Youuuuuu ! :)

Barbara Howells - Yamaha U1 »

Hi Mark
I have wanted a piano for a number of years to enable me to resume playing.
Having retired, it seemed the perfect time. The U1 I bought from you has been a real pleasure to play and I am now confident enough to have started lessons. You were so easy to do business with and your enthusiasm and honest approach made the trip to your shop well worthwhile. Thank you for all your help.
Barbara Howells

Yamaha U3 - Alison Williams »

Dear Mark,
We have now had our piano a full 2 weeks and I just want to let you know what a joy it is to listen to! We had actually been dreading the whole experience of buying a piano, knowing this was a big purchase and knowing so little about pianos. Then, while doing our research on Google, we just happened to find Mark Goodwin Pianos, and after visiting some local piano shops near Oxford, we decided that we would make a detour on our way to Scotland, to visit your showroom in Manchester. It was easy to find, and we found Mark helpful but not overbearing. At times I felt a bit overwhelmed at the choice but Mark had good advice on how to narrow our choice down. I had hoped my children would fall in love with a U1 due to our small lounge, but they fell in love with a U3, which sounds fabulous. We have made do with digital piano until now, but hearing this is just wonderful. When our daughter plays, we just want to sit and listen now! We felt the advice given was genuine and trustworthy, and we love the beautiful instrument we have!
Kind Regards,
Alison Williams

[click below to see Alison’s video feedback (make by her daughter) ]

Juliet & Chris Schroeder - Yamaha W Upright »

We have had our Yamaha (W2129438) piano from Mark Goodwin for a little while now and are more than pleased with it. A friend recommended the company after purchasing a piano themselves and Mark and his team certainly lived up to all expectations. Mark was very helpful (and patient!) in assisting us to make the right choice and the piano arrived right on time. Many, many thanks to all involved at Mark Goodwin pianos. The piano sounds great, looks like new and we’re delighted with it.
Best Regards
Juliet and Chris Schroeder –

Aleks Bhowmick - Yamaha U3 »

Dear Mark,
We’ve had the piano for a week and a half now and I absolutely love it. I was away when the piano arrived, but it was fantastic to see it when I walked in. I sat down and played it immediately. I needed a new piano because I am now studying for Grade 6, and our old piano’s keys kept sticking down or not sounding at all, which hindered my progress considerably! The Yamaha U3 sounds magnificent, I’ve been playing non-stop. Thank you for all your help,
From Aleks Bhowmick

Benjamin and Margaret Griffiths »

Hi Mark!
We are writing to thank you for the wonderful experience of buying our Yamaha U3 piano from you. After searching the internet for several months, we always came back to your website. Being unable to visit your showrooms, we were very confidant in having you choose our piano for us. The delivery was smooth and efficient, with great care being taken in removing my old piano which was over 50 years old, and bringing in the new one. It is difficult to leave it alone and a pleasure to play.
Many thanks,
Benjamin and Margaret Griffiths

Janet Vernazza - Yamaha U3

Hi Mark
We would like to thank you for our lovely Yamaha U3 Piano. The service we received in your Oldham Piano Showroom by yourself was second to none and there was no pressure to buy from the great selection of Yamaha pianos. The piano was delivered on time as you said by yourself and your father. The piano looks & sounds like brand new, even though it is over 20 years old. Thanks again Mark, we would not hesitate in recommending you!
Janet & Beth Vernazza

NB - Yamaha U3 »

I started out in 2002 with an electronic piano but after trying out a decent Yamaha acoustic I knew that it was the only way forward. You can feel an acoustic instrument as well as hear it, and for me that makes a big difference.
Initially it was difficult to find a supplier that had a refurbished Yamaha U3 that felt right. I tried lots of examples but each had a foible or two. However, all the U3’s I tried from Mark’s stock played really nicely. In particular, they had a very consistent action and tone as well as a great sound. Buying one was an easy decision to make: they were all clearly a cut above the others I’d tried elsewhere.
I’ve now had the 1985 U3 long enough to know it well. It has easily exceeded my expectations.
Buying a piano can be a big step, but Mark is very patient and helpful. I strongly recommend that you go and try out what he has to offer.

Janet Westmoreland - Yamaha U3 »

We are so pleased in the professional manner that Mark dealt with our purchase of the Yamaha U3. There was so many top quality pianos to choose from in the showroom. After narrowing down the finer differences we eventually chose one. Mark agreed to buy our piano but at the last minute we sold this privately. Mark was very obliging and agreed to take our old piano to the forwarding address. He was spot on time with the delivery and managed some tricky manoeuvers in getting the piano in place. The piano is a beautiful piece of furniture and plays like a dream. We would have no hesitation in recommending Mark Goodwin Pianos to anyone who would like a quality piano at a reasonable price, combined with excellent service.
John & Janet Westmoreland, Burnley, Lancs.

Jonty and Laura - Yamaha U1 »

Hi Mark
I’ve more a less been playing the piano non stop since it got here ! It plays and looks fantastic ! The delivery was really , really fast !! and the delivery people were spot on, we couldn’t ask any more of the service you have provided , from the emails, visiting the shop to the piano arriving. Everything was spot on !! All I can say is THANK YOU!!! and I would recommend you to any one :) . Here is a picture of the piano in it’s happy new home !! Many thanks again !
Jonty and Laura
Ps I passed my exam with a Merit :)

Graham Jardine - Yamaha U3 »

I had decided the time had come to replace my Yamaha Clavinova with a “real” piano and came across Mark Goodwin Pianos after an internet search. I plucked up the courage to make my initial enquiry. I booked an appointment to visit Claire at the Bristol showroom. All the pianos were wonderful, which made choosing one all the more difficult. Before my visit, I had in mind to buy a 1983 or 1984 U3, but after trying out all the models in the well-appointed showroom I fell for the tones of a U3 from 1979. It was a bit quieter and the tone was so much “cooler” than the rest, like it was still living in the 1970’s. It sounds just as nice now it’s in my living room. Everybody who has seen it, thinks it’s brand new and who am I to argue?! Throughout the buying process, all my email and sms enquiries were answered promptly by either Claire or Mark. Indeed speed of the whole process took me a bit off guard with the piano smoothly installed in my living room within 5 days of first seeing it. An all round first-class service! Thanks again Claire and Mark and your delivery team.

[Graham also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Deon Lombard - Yamaha U3 »

Dear Mark
We are delighted with the Yamaha and the excellent service we received from you from the first time we contacted you, to the day it was delivered and installed.
Your dealings with us were at all times friendly, informed and personal – and we would have no hesitation recommending you to anyone seeking a top-notch piano at a reasonable price.

Best wishes,
Deon Lombard and Claire Frost

Mike & Gill Ansfield, Yamaha U3 »

We are delighted with our decision to replace our ordinary piano with a Yamaha U3 from Mark Goodwin. It is a glorious piece of furniture, which gleams and shines like new and looks beautiful in our lounge. It is such a satisfying musical instrument to play, which means it is getting full use, and is great value for money. We were soon reassured by our decision to buy online, as Mark gives a personal service, and is contactable by phone and email to discuss any queries. Delivery went very smoothly and we are very happy U3 owners.
Best wishes
Mike & Gill Ansfield

Rajan Bali - Yamaha U3 »

My 8 year old daughter has been having piano lessons for almost a year and has been practicing at home on an electronic organ. Her teacher recommended an accoustic piano and after much research I came across Mark Goodwin Pianos. The Yamaha U3 piano I ordered arrived on time and in excellent condition. The purchasing experience has been exemplary, with Mark dealing with any of my questions promptly. I will be receiving the free ‘at home’ piano tuning shortly.

Rajan Bali

Andrew Garner - Yamaha U3 »

Dear Mark,
I am so pleased with it and I would happily recommend you to anyone who wanted a piano. Your web page gave a good flavour of the service I got from you. I was not pressurised in to buying. I could take the time to mull over the pianos on offer. I feel I am fortunate to have hit upon your web page.
Peter Garner

Gaynor Jeffries - Yamaha U1 »

Having taken a leap of faith some 16 years ago in purchasing a second hand piano, when it came to wanting to change it this year for a newer model I was contemplating buying a new one. After looking at and trying various makes of new pianos, it soon became clear that I could not justify paying the high price needed for an instrument that satisfied all my criteria – touch, sound and appearance – which only seemed to be present in the top of the range models.

I was downhearted that what I considered my safe option was unattainable, that is until a clicked onto your website. On visiting your showroom it proved to be right, I was delighted that on the U1 Yamaha which I chose, the touch, sound and appearance were everything I wanted.

I must have driven you up the wall with my four ‘looped’ practice pieces, whilst trying to establish which touch I preferred and which sound I was listening for, but you remained patient, responsive and helpful throughout – I particularly liked the way you jogged between the two pianos I was considering, playing them for me so I could hear what they sounded like when played properly! By this time we had gone well through lunch time and you must have been starving.

I am delighted with my new piano, not only does it sound lovely but it looks great too. I do far more practice now than I did before – it really is a brilliant piano. There was also a thumbs up from my two sons who visited at the weekend. They think it is a great piano and that I made a good choice. One day perhaps I might be able to play nearly a well as they can. In my dreams!!

From visiting your website, to meeting you, to the hassle-free purchase and to your delivery of the piano I have felt confident in my dealings with your company. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is considering the purchase of a piano for I feel sure you will continue to conduct your business in an open and honest way.

Once again – thank you.
Gaynor Jeffries

Keith Edwards - Yamaha U3 (unseen) »

Dear Mark,
My wife had a long held desire to learn to play the piano, so for a special birthday (I’m not saying how many) I decided to buy her a piano as a suprise. Having done some research I decided on a Yamaha U3 and found Mark Goodwin pianos. I discussed the pianos Mark had available and on Mark’s recommendation went for the 1982 model. I was a little unsure about buying the piano unseen over the internet but as promised the piano had been totally refurbished and looks like new – everyone who has seen it thinks it is! It has a fantastic tone and I am extremely pleased with the service and the price!

Gwen and Jim - Yamaha U3 »

I never thought that buying a piano could be so enjoyable, and so easy. Our old piano had sold much more quickly than we had anticipated, and there was a big piano-shaped hole in our house which I was keen to fill. We looked at a number of instruments locally, but nothing was appealing, and then I came across Mark Goodwin pianos on the web.
We set off on the hundred mile round trip on a Sunday a couple of weeks ago. Mark was helpful and informative, and we tried a wide variety of U3s, surprised that they were all so different. It took one more visit to find the right one. Mark’s gentle laid back approach made both visits a joy.
Mark and his Dad delivered it last Monday morning, and we are just delighted with it. I have played more this week than I have for years. It is in immaculate condition – friends are surprised to learn it is 24 years old.
Thank you Mark, for making the search for the right piano such a positive experience.

Martyn Griggs - Yamaha U3 »

Dear Mark,
This is to let you know how pleased I am with my Yamaha U3 that I purchased from you. I had always wanted a ‘real’ piano as opposed to a digital one, and having heard Yamahas being played I was convinced that the sound was right for me. However, I was unable to afford a brand new one and was resigned to sticking with my digital. That was until I came across your website and over a period of 6 months we exchanged emails and you sent me some really helpful information about buying a Yamaha piano second-hand. Eventually I managed a trip up to your shop in Manchester, and it was your patience in playing different U3’s that you had in the showroom, as well as giving me time to make up my mind as to the one I preferred. At no time did I feel hurried or pressured into making a purchase, but after some advice I settled on a 1983 Yamaha U3. Delivery to my home in Colchester was speedy, the delivery guys called an hour in advance of the scheduled time and confirmed their arrival. They expertly manoeuvred it into my living room and carefully removed the packing material, constructed the stool and even dusted the piano after it was set up. I have continued to be pleased and never tire of going to the piano to play – it’s sound is like it’s exterior – beautiful. After a difficult day at work, returning to practise on this instrument is a joy. So thank you, Mark, for all your help in selecting what is an outstanding instrument. Your professionalism and the service you provide do you credit and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others looking to buy a piano with confidence.
Kind Regards
Martyn Griggs – Colchester

Les Cairns - Yamaha U3 »

Hello Mark
My wife was completely ‘blown away’ by the surprise (I had her agree to stay upstairs watching a DVD with the volume turned up and the blinds closed till Jon and Co had gone), then brought her down for the surprise of her life – she had absolutely no idea what to expect.

Here’s a quick summary of the things that pleased me about our transaction: The piano – it’s condition is flawless and to my untrained ear, it sounds perfect. There was never any pressure to buy. The communications (despite bad weather and the busiest season of the year) were excellent. There was a sense of honesty and integrity about everything to do with your handling of the enquiry. The delivery team were extremely careful, courteous and thoughtful. For a modest fee, the delivery team removed the old piano and delivered it to our local church. My wife thought she had been gifted a brand new piano – need I say more!!!

You will certainly be mentioned to any acquaintance who is in the market for a piano. And I’m happy for you to use my comments on your web site.
Kind regards

Karl Smith - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark,
Just to say many thanks for all your help,advice & info over the last month. The U3 arrived as arranged & Jon & his assistant were very professional in delivering to our first floor flat taking great care up a tricky staircase. As for the instrument itself…….. superb! What a big sound, great action & ‘as new’ condition……if this fails to inspire & drive me on to the higher grades I’ll take up the kazoo! The practise pedal is very useful in this location but when the neighbours are out its full volume ahead…….great full sound. The digital keyboard has been useful for the past year or so but there is just no comparison on the sound quality. Definitely made the right choice with your guidance & I look forward to many years of further grades & playing.
Kind regards
Karl Smith

Kevin Smith-Burchnell - Yamaha U3 »

I would like to say how pleased we all are with the refurbished 1980 Yamaha U3 piano purchased from Mark Goodwin Pianos. It has been beautifully refurbished just as Mark had promised. Mark’s help throughout the purchase was very professional, patient, with no pressure put upon me to make the final commitment. Delivery was prompt and professionally carried out and when I found that two keys required small adjustments after the long journey to East Kent, Mark arranged for a technician to carry out the required adjustments. I can recommend Mark to anyone looking at purchasing a very reasonably priced high quality piano. The photo is of my daughter on the newly delivered piano.
Mark – Thanks for all your help and giving us the opportunity in experiencing a real piano again after years of digital pianos.
Kevin Smith-Burchnell MRICS MBEng

Joe Corrigan - Yamaha U3 »

Firstly, sorry this has taken so long – I have a new camera to replace my old one (sand in the mechanism again). I’ve finally taken a photo of me, though I’m not sure that I’m really the face that sells pianos! Anyway, I thought I’d write to say that it was a pleasure coming to visit you in your shop, and of the 15 or so pianos that I tried out, the two best U3’s were yours; it was well worth travelling up from Cambridge. The piano is such a pleasure to play that three months on my playing has improved enormously!
Thanks again!

Kath Sellars - Kawai BS-2A »

Dear Mark,
I am so pleased with the Kawai Piano which I have just bought from you. It has a wonderful sound and it is very inspirational to play and I can envisage many happy hours ahead. I have been singing your praises loudly, thanks for the wonderful service, and for patiently answering my many questions. Thank you also for delivering the wonderful duet-stool, I now have the perfect set-up and I couldn’t be happier

Carmine De Grandis - Yamaha U3 (unseen) »

Dear Mark,
The last two weeks our household has been full of music… since receiving the piano there has been a little bit of competition between my children and I.

We were a little worried as we had never bought such an expensive item over the internet and without playing it. I went to see a U3 in our local piano shop and a) I fell in love with the tone, but b) realised that the shop was not very helpful.

I trusted the friendly way you helped us… and I am glad I asked you to choose a piano for me. It is perfect, beautiful and has an amazing tone. I am studying for the Piano Diploma and my children are studying for grade 1. The piano will certainly help them to progress quickly as it is a fantastic instrument… even my wife is thinking about starting piano lessons.

Thank you again and enjoy the photos.

[Carmine also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Pilar & Daniel - Yamaha U30A »

Dear Mark,
We would like to thank both you and Annie for helping us to choose the right piano for us (a 1991 Yamaha U30A). We were very pleased to see how quickly you answered all our queries, both by E-mail and in the showroom. We’ve now been playing the piano for several months and really enjoy the sound and feel of it – it certainly makes for far much subtler playing than before! We were also quite pleased with the helpful delivery people who handled everything quite smoothly despite a rather difficult access to our home. Many thanks once again – we would certainly recommend your company!
Best regards
Pilar & Daniel

Paul Thorne - Yamaha U1 »

Hi Mark,
I have just added a short review to your Google listing saying what a great experience it was buying a Yamaha piano from you. I’d also like to offer a few sentences for your website: We were looking for a newer and better piano to replace an old instrument that had seen our daughter through to Grade 5. Mark was quick to help and opened up the showroom for us on a Saturday morning for a visit. He gave us plenty of time to make a decision and there was no pressure to buy, which was really helpful. Mark had plenty of Yamahas in stock but it was difficult to decide as they all sounded really good and were all in fantastic condition. Once decided, Mark sorted out a quick delivery date for us, which was great as our daughter was really keen to play it. The piano sounds absolutely fantastic and is a pleasure to play. Our daughter now practices without being asked and her Grade 6 pieces are a delight to listen to. The whole experience was really easy and we were pleased with the result and Mark’s advice, help and efficient service. I’ll make a video recording to CD today and get that in the post to you. Many thanks again – It has been great to hear Hannah playing the new piano, which sounds fantastic.
Paul and Tracey Thorne

[Paul also sent me some video feedback. Please CLICK HERE to see my video feedback page]

Patricia Critchley - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark,
First of all, just to say a heartfelt thank you for all your help, patience, efficiency and courtesy over the past few weeks. Also for stocking such gorgeous pianos! :-) David is absolutely delighted with the U3 – touch, tone, responsiveness, everything – and his piano teacher, having given it a thorough work-out at his last lesson, was also hugely enthusiastic about it. I may yet be tempted to start having lessons again myself, given how lovely it sounds and what a pleasure it is to play!

I also have to confess that, when I first came across your website, I found myself thinking “What’s the catch here?”, given that you appeared to be selling a higher quality product for significantly less than other dealers were charging. Having dealt with you directly, I can say now with all honesty that I really don’t think there is one. I should add that I will definitely be recommending you very highly to anyone I know who is looking for a second-hand piano (particularly those, like us, whose aspirations would otherwise exceed their budget!!). It has been a real pleasure dealing with you.
thanks once again,
Best wishes,

Katie Cheadle - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark,
Just to let you know we are thoroughly enjoying our U3, our favourite purchase to date. Not only does it look fab, it sounds fantastic too. You took all the stress out of buying a piano, being able to come to your showroom and play your pianos without any hard sell made it a really enjoying experience for us all and you and your Dad were so helpful with delivery. Thanks so much – I have already recommended you to a friend who is thinking about buying a new piano.
Here is Polly practising for her Grade 1 !!

[Mark says: Many thanks for your purchase Katie. Thanks also for the wine :) ]

David Marshall - Yamaha U3 (unseen) »

We just moved into a new house and decided to treat ourselves to a decent piano. I used to play a lot and my eldest daughter has been learning for just over a year, but a good electric keyboard is simply not the same thing and I became attracted to the idea of buying a secondhand Yamaha U3. I would not normally advise purchasing a piano without playing it first, but with the house move and Christmas rapidly approaching, I decided, against my better judgement, to go ahead and order on an unseen 1978 U3. I need not have had any concerns. You and Jennie were a pleasure to deal with. The piano arrived promptly and was efficiently installed in our living room. The movers let slip that it took them a couple of years to realise that the pianos were not new, such is the condition on the restored casing! However, it is the sound that really blows you away. This is a stunning instrument, and the touch of the keys is so precise and crisp that scales seem effortless. My daughter no longer needs any encouragement to practise and her touch has improved beyond all recognition. We are thrilled with this purchase – thank you!

Carl Clough (photo shows Sasah) - Yamaha U3 »

Hi Mark,
The piano has arrived safely and Sasha is over the moon with it, it sounds and looks fantastic! – we made the right decision to go with a refurbished Yamaha – it’s far better quality – looks, sound and build than anything we saw new in the same price range.

Andrew Noble - Yamaha U3 »

The instrument I purchased from Mark Goodwin Pianos is second to none. Internally, it has been reconditioned and consequently sounds amazing. The keyboard action and height of the keyboard from the ground (because I am tall) was exactly what I was after. Externally, it looks fabulous because the black surface has also been reconditioned. The service I recieved from the showroom to the arrival of my piano was top notch and the delivery was quick and hassle free. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a high quality instrument at an affordable price.

Mike Devlin - Yamaha U3 »

Dear Mark
I thought I would drop you a line. I am pleased the wedding went well, and i hope you enjoyed your honeymoon?? I have attached a picky of me sat at the piano you supplied for me. I wanted to put keyboard to e-mail and drop you a message to say, how pleased me and Sarah both were with your service. When i came to visit you, I was a complete beginer, you had so much paitience with me on helping me choose which piano to buy. The showroom had a vast choice for us to choose from and I appreciated the fact that you played the pianos, so i could hear the tone of them….. The piano that i bought was a Yamaha U3 in Ebony, it was finished in Red trim!!! The piano was delivered on time exactly when you said it would be, and the installers were, careful, quick, and left no mess whatsoever. When i am getting ready for a Yamaha Concert Grand CFIII i will be calling you. I will speak to you soon as the Piano will require a retune. Buzz me if you need anything else, i will gladly be a reference for people to call if you like.
Many thanks
Mike and Sarah Devlin

Jean & Bill Perry - Yamaha U1 »

May I say how delighted we are with the piano. The buying process was a delight and quite relaxing as we were not pressured in any way. We were left on our own to try out various piano’s, to make sure that we were happy with the tone of the one we were considering purchasing, compared to other piano’s. Delivery took place as promised, by two very careful delivery men. You were a pleasure to do business with and I would recommend you to anybody.
Jean & Bill Perry

Jack Law - Yamaha U1 »

Hi Mark
Just a quick note to thank you for the excellent service we received when buying our Yamaha U1 piano from your Bristol showroom. We already had an old piano that sounded fairly awful and could no longer be tuned properly due to age and wear so I wished to buy something of better quality.

After thinking through all of the information that I had amassed I made an appointment to take my boys to your Bristol showroom to try out some pianos. We were able to spend far longer than I expected to need trying out each piano in turn. The very patient Claire answered our queries but otherwise left us to get on with just working out which piano we liked best. As they rarely agree on anything, I was delighted when both my boys eventually settled on the same U1 which we were then able to reserve.

At no stage in the process did I feel under any pressure to commit to anything. Having decided to go ahead with the purchase we completed the order form on a Friday and the piano was delivered on the Monday. As well as being a lovely looking instrument (both inside and out it looks pristine) it is a delight to play. We are now a very musical household – thank you.

Jackie Law.
P.S. Attached is a picture of my daughter Jess playing our new piano. Jess is a lapsed musician who has been inspired to renew her interest in making music by the arrival of our beautiful, new instrument.

Yamaha U1 - Colin »

Matt (aged 11) bought his piano from Mark Goodwin Pianos having spent an hour and a half with Mark trying every piano in the shop. Matt played the same tune on every piano. By the end of it Matt had selected his piano and Mark was left with the tune firmly stuck in his head. Mark was incredibly helpful – helping us understand the slight variances in tone and pitch between each piano, the atmosphere was fun and relaxed and at no time did we feel pressured to make a decision. The whole experience was a real pleasure.
Colin (Matt’s Dad)
Sandbach, Cheshire

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